You might be a grad student if …

You might be a grad student if you feel slightly sick whenever the
thought occurs to you that the entirety of your thesis will be read by
a maximum of five people: your advisor, an external examiner, a
selfless friend editing the spelling mistakes and perhaps one or two
nerds who – for some reason or another – are interested in the same
stuff as you. The feeling of sickness is soon accompanied with the
related question "Is it really worth all this???"

ฮาาา…เอามาจากเว็บของ ASCB
แด่ฤดูกาลแห่งการเขียน paper and thesis ของใครหลายๆคนรวมทั้งตู (เอ..แล้วไหงกลายเป็นบล็อกนี้ไปด้ายย)

A brief guide to scientific literature:

It has long been known == I haven’t bothered to check the references.

It is known == I believe.

It is believed == I think.

It is generally believed == My colleagues and I think.

There has been some discussion == Nobody agrees with me.

It can be shown == Take my word for it.

It is proven == It agrees with something mathematical.

Of great theoretical importance == I find it interesting.

Of great practical importance == This justifies my employment.

Of great historical importance == This ought to make me famous.

Some samples were chosen for study == The others didn’t make sense.

Typical results are shown == The best results are shown.

Correct within order of magnitude == Wrong.

The values were obtained empirically == The values were obtained by accident.

The results are inconclusive == The results seem to disprove my hypothesis.

Additional work is required == Someone else can work on the details.

It might be argued that == I have a good answer to this objection.

The investigations proved rewarding == My grant has been renewed.

Synthesized according to standard protocols == Purchased.

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  1. Puey says:

    this is funny 🙂

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